Friday, March 27, 2009

INNER DANCE with Pi Villaraza

INNER DANCE with Pi Villaraza

Inner Dance is the moment when the mind, heart and body find awe in suddenly moving to the rhythm of the soul.

It is dancing from the higher self and moving to the flow of the Universe.

Dance is usually body movements coordinated by the brain but Inner Dance is an automatic and spontaneous movement of the Self that actually catches the ego and the conscious mind by surprise.

"Inner Dance is much like the peeling of masks. Once it is performed, the glue [that] fastens these masks together is released and so like crumbling walls, layers and layers of these masks fall away. We either hang on to them (a useless gesture) or simply let go (which sets us free). Only then can we reach higher states of consciousness, " said Pi.

Inner Dance has been reported in over a dozen newspapers, magazines and internet articles in the Philippines, Asia and the US. It has also been featured in a full-length film documentary by a multi award winning film-maker as well as several television and radio programs.


"I am here to tell you about a movement that is growing throughout the Philippines, crossing over to parts of Asia, Europe and America. It's called The Inner Dance. It has helped me in my journey to release positive energy to all beings around me, wherever life takes me.
~ Chichi Luciano, Vision Magazine, San Diego, USA

"It was a major catharsis. The release of trapped energies healed my lower back pain, which had been torturing me for more than ten years!"
~ Angelito Vanuoy, Manila

"I achieved a deep release of some emotions holding me back from full self-expression. .. The benefits of Inner Dance were life-altering for me."
~ Angie Olloren, Manila

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